Wednesday, April 28, 2010


May all your weeds be wildflowers.
I just can't get enough of flowers! They brighten my day :)

The bluebonnets are almost entirely gone...I've enjoyed them immensely while they were here though. After class I spent more time cleaning and knitting. I also got to watch the Young Victoria with my family, and it was just as great the second time. I just love love stories.
Don't you?
Have a marvelously spectaular Wednesday!!!!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's been a while...

Right. Well, it's been a good while since I last blogged.
And now I feel like I don't know how to begin again.
Basically I got a cold and have been in bed/resting/sneezing/and coughing quite a bit. And schools almost out so I have been finishing up papers and projects.
I've finally finished all of that now, and only have finals left. I'm feeling much better now.
I've pretty much had the blues this past semester as none of my classes were fun or engaging with mean teachers to boot. :(

I only have a couple of days left and so I finally can breathe easier. It was weird not blogging, I kept thinking about it but had trouble knowing where to start I feel like I need to introduce myself again so we can just start all over... :)

I'll start first.

Um... Hi. Hello. I'm Callie. Nice to meet you.
What's your name?
These pictures were taken a few weekends ago after a thunderstorm in my neighborhood and backyard.
The rollie pollies were everywhere!
Drip drop

Anyone know what kind of plant the one is above? I'd like to know. It is growing like crazy in our yard.

This whole area is usually dried up but was a raging river after the rain.

This song by The Carpenters describes what I have been feeling like, although I do actually love rainy days.

I'll be posting some more in order to play catch up as it were and have somethings I can't wait to show you!
See you soon, Callie
the magical bean

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blue Owl

This little wooden block was painted for my brother as a gift just because he's the best brother a girl could ever wish for.
He and I both love owls so I thought he would like it.
I didn't realize until now that you can see paint on my hand.

I even painted all the sides with flowing organic shapes.

I painted it with blue, black, and white acrylic paint.
You can kind of see his initial M on the bottom in the above photo.

Hope your Friday is great!
I have been cleaning more and listening to Regina Spektor non-stop! Thanks to Jessica :)
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean
(P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway on Carly's blog.)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Secrets Out--Giveaway Time!!!

Carly of A Girl And Her Blog is celebrating her one year anniversay of her blog.

It sure is a milestone in any bloggers life and seeing as how Carly's blog is anything but ordinary this just makes it that much better. :)

And so a while back she asked me to make a pillow (like the one I sent to her if you remember during Christmas for a holiday gift swap) for a giveaway!!!! I feel very honored that she asked me to do this for her.
So if you are a follower of Carly and you love my work and want to win a pillow stop by her blog to see the full requirements, and make sure to say hello!
Carly's blog is a must see so be sure to see what all the fun is about!

Also I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all those who have left such wonderful comments already about my work on Carly's blog it really meant so much to me!
Thank you so much it was amazing to see so many kind words about my work.

the magical bean

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Matryoshka Doll

As promised, here's one thing I painted yesterday: a matryoshka doll or Russian nesting doll. I haven't painted in a good while and it was so nice to get back into the swing of it :)
I have had this blank nesting doll for about a year or so and in an effort to maximize my stash and minimize my clutter I am finishing up as many projects as I can!
Here is a close-up of the face, as you can see she was inspired by the night sky filled with stars, which is something I rarely see living in the city now. So instead I filled her up with a blanket of stars done in a glittery silver. As I was painting it I kept thinking these words over and over
And she wove her blanket of stars,
Till they were bursting with light,
And then she threw them up into the Night
Her hands are supposed are holding more stars as they are falling from her grasp into the night.

I wanted it to be more mystical and soothing than it turned out as evidence from when I showed, Jessica ,she said 'so it's a glittery fairy with fluffy stars'...
Oh well, I love it anyways!
Here is the back of it. Don't worry five more tiny dolls to come :)
Tomorrow something great is going to happen and I can't wait!!!! I guess you'll just have to wait and find out, because secrets are secrets :)
Good night,
the magical bean

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sheila Kitty Revisited

Why hello there! This is Sheila, curled up on my floor while I was in the middle of cleaning, so please try to ignore the Hancock's bags in the background...
...I swear this cat is the sweetest thing ever, all she has been doing lately is purring like crazy,sitting happily on my lap of her own volition, playing fetch with her string (is she part dog?!?!?), rubbing up against me, meowing when she sees me, running up the stairs and straight to my door :), sleeping in my lap while studying, and the list goes on...she gets sweeter everyday.
Today I painted more, and studied quite a bit for a psychology test I have tomorrow. But never fear, tomorrow I will be happy to show you what I have painted.
Happy Monday!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lacy Crochet Corsage

I made this lacy crochet pin about a year ago from the book Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet! by Chronicle Books. It is one of my favorite things I have ever crocheted and I wear it all the time.

It is actually available as a free pattern from Craft Magazine. Click here for the link.
I first saw the book because of the free pattern and then bought it promptly after. There are so many great patterns from it and I have made about half them in fact :)

The pattern in the book was done in a tan and brown colors but I like it much better with brighter colors! Also the way I did it the leaves are hanging off more instead of tucked in but it just looked weird the way the book showed it compared to mine....

I have been painting all day and have some changes I have been planning on making to my etsy shop,more on that later, hopefully for the better. Can't wait to tell you more soon. Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camera Obscura

Last night Kaitlyn, Jessica, Caitlyn, and I all loaded up in the car to go to see Camera Obscura in Austin. The concert was great! I loved getting to see them soooooo....much! They were amazing live :)
It was a long night and we didn't get home until around 3, and I didn't wake up this morning until 11, something I never do.
They even played all of my favorite songs to boot! All in all it was a great night, full of fun especially since I got to spend it with such lovely ladies.
How did you spend your Friday?
Hope your weekend is great!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hedgehog Heaven

Can I help it that hedgehogs are so cute?
I love them, yes I do.
I actually am working on another drawing of one I hope to show you soon. Can't wait!
Today I thought I would share some hedgehog inspired etsy finds as well as two Russian cartoons I love.

Click the pictures to see the very talented etsians behind it.
I found these cartoons while watching Cheburashka cartoons which Ireally love. I made it through today! Woo hoo!!!!!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bluebonnets Abound

My mom and two sisters Kaitlyn and Jessica went to Roundtop Texas three weekends ago for the Marburger/Warrenton Antique Fair. It was a long trip but a good one nonetheless.
I unfortunately totally blanked about taking pictures of the actual event, however along the way back while driving through a small town which I can't remember the name of...sheesh...we spotted a whole cemetery full of bluebonnets.
It was so beautiful yet kind of eerie.
They were everywhere it seemed.

This statue was so stoic, I actually walked halfway through just to take a photo of it :)

This is actually my favorite time to be in Texas as all the wildflowers are blooming. It is such a treat seeing all the colors along the highway and in people's yards.
Bluebonnets are so lovely don't you think?
I am not a real huge fan of being in cemetarys, it feels kind of strange to me to be so close to all the graves especially since these seemed to be rather uncared for, so I made sure I left it rather quick.

I have been very busy with some serious spring cleaning in my room. It has been sort of slow going but so far it is making me happy to see it cleaner! Hopefully this cleaner room will mean a more productive atmosphere to create in. I am really looking forward to showing you the finished product! Anyways, I have a test to study for tomorrow so I better get to it :)
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean


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