Friday, March 12, 2010

Chocolate Carmel Tarts + Lemon Tree

I made these Chocolate Carmel tarts from the book Chocolate & Zucchini... and boy they were good, really good in a dense chocolaty deliciousness kind of way!
They sure didn't last long.
And I have been seeing lost of inspiring photos of people's feet and knew I wanted to try it too.
These are my favorite socks!

My mom just recently got a lemon tree.
I had no idea that these plants smell so good.
I have to keep sniffing and sniffing every time I walk by it.
Some little lemons are already growing.

Pretty soon I'll be able to make my own lemonade!

Have a great weekend!

XOXO, Callie the magical bean

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The tarts were scrumptious!!! The only reason you are looking at peoples socks is because you are learning to knit them....silly! Oh and the lemon tree is lovely....just another lemon tree (your supposed to sing this!)


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