Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daily Doodle

I love the sun!
I drew this little sun recently for a card I sent out to someone.
Drawn in colored pencil and pen.
It kind of reminded me of a song I used to listen to, and my mom used to sing to us when we were younger "Mr. Sun".
This version is not the best but oh well, you get the idea.

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have spring break this week and so far have spent it helping my parents with the garden and with the remodeling of their kitchen...
Hope you have seen good old Mr. Sun, recently like we have here.
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

1 comment:

Jessica Leigh La Lou said...

Hehe. Lovin' that song... you're so very creative with your little doodles. :D


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