Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Ever Noro Socks

I finally finished my first ever socks from the class I took in Austin at Hill Country Weavers. The class itself was very informative and I really enjoyed it as a whole. I, of course, was the youngest gal in there, and managed to show up late unfortunately. So the only seat left was on the far side of the room, cramped in next to two lovely ladies who had all of their knitting supplies spread out across the area leaving me with very little room.
The teacher was really funny, and helpful and didn't make me feel like a nitwit when I asked her for help, which is always grand.
I used up about 1.3 balls of Noro Silk Garden for these, and actually made three socks but ripped out the first one I made half way through because it was rather too loose to my liking.

These socks are really, really warm, and I am probably going to use them as slippers instead of socks.
I am so proud of myself for doing these babies. I have been wanting to make socks for years, and just now took the plunge.
I already went with my mom to the Yarn Barn downtown and bought some sock yarn for some to come...
The ball of Noro seemed to be half purple/black and half green/gray, so these socks look like distant relatives but actually came from the same ball and color. They make me happy, since I usually purposely wear mismatched socks all the time.

One of the things I love about knitting and crocheting is that they are portable. I can do them in the car, while watching a movie, sitting outside, while talking, and the list goes on...
So sorry about the frequent knitting/crocheting/yarn related posts, for all you non-knitters/crocheters out there.
I am actually up to some things that aren't knitting related and I can't wait to show you.
Stay tuned!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

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my baloney said...

so beautiful :). you may now start making mine...


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