Thursday, August 5, 2010

My New Polariod Camera!!!!

I got a Polaroid camera!!!
I had recently gotten some gift cards and because I have yearned for this little camera for some time decided it was time.
The first packet of film was gone within the first hour of getting it, so heady my happiness was over it. It's little bubbly cuteness makes me smile. I am already planning a little crocheted cover for it...
(The first picture above is my sweet kitty Sheila's whiskers, the next is when I forgot to change the setting from indoors to outdoors while taking a photo of some sunflowers, and the last is me and Sheila!)
This is a Fuji Instax Mini Camera 7s. It's pictures are smaller than the older Polaroid we used to have, but that just makes it all the more cute! :)
(The first one below is my sister Jessica of Jessica Leigh La Lou, the next is Kaitlyn of My Baloney, and the third is my mom of Maria's Secret Garden.)
We had just gotten back from Garner State Park and were all looking a little tired, so probably not the best time to take portraits of everyone in my family but I couldn't help it!

The best thing about this camera is that it is instant joy, with just the click of the button, and viola! A new photo!

( The first one below is Sheila, my brother Michael, and Schatzi. I actually took two pictures of Sheila but the first one she moved and all I got were her whiskers, which seem rather ghostly.)

Here they all are lined up in all their Polaroid wonder :)

Here's a little song to brighten your day!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean


Dear Maria said...

So happy that you could get your camera Bean! It is always fun to wish for something and when you get it the joy you have using it!

Rhianne said...

Hurray!! This is so exciting, you will love it more and more everyday :)

I can't wait to see more photos! x

Kaitlyn said...

i love the entirety of this post. and...i'm stealing your camera. muahahaha. you were warned.

;) just kidding, bean. glad you're excited about your new camera. :)


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