Monday, August 30, 2010

Inside My Sketchbooks+ Life

There are two things in my life that are typical constants: drawing and running.

Somehow though I had gotten out out of the habit of doing them :(...

As you can see that is no longer the case! I have been drawing so much lately. I am very glad to be back in art classes again. I love to draw and this taking a drawing class has really pushed me back into the swing of it :)

I am also taking a physical conditioning class, which I am enjoying so far.
It was a lot of things but really I have really been wanting to begin again so this is the perfect way. I want to be healthier because I know that when I actually am running and drawing all the time things flow better.
And as you can see, I finally got around to taking better pictures of my sketchbook (which I blogged about here)!

This little bright green moleskin sketchbook I keep in my purse, just in case. Jessica (my sister) of Jessica Leigh La Lou actually drew this picture. Isn't it grand?

She's a really amazing artist!
I drew this fox below while sitting in the Dr. Pepper Museum, watching their old commercials.

This next one is the inside cover, which I attached a little quote my mom gave me from a fortune cookie to it.
It reads "You discover treasures where others see nothing unusual".
Wouldn't it be wonderful to ultimately find the treasures in everyday life? To see the extraordinary where others see the ordinary? That's what I try to do, to see the goodness that life offers, and make something with it :)

What "treasures" did you discover today?
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean


Shibby said...

What wonderful drawings :)

Everyday I discover the treasures of life, the beauty in the little details, the beauty in the ever changing sky and anything elses that may catch my eye =)

mariassecretgarden said...

Bean the thing that amazes me about you is that you can draw such cute whimsical characters and then something of such beauty as the woman...amazing.
I do like the wonderful art work of JLL and yes she is such a cool kid!


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