Friday, January 7, 2011

Vintage Quilt

While perusing an estate sale a bit ago, I came across some really great finds. Two of which were these really great vintage quilts that were from the 30'S or 40's. I loved them right away, and since they only needed minor repairs I inquired as to what they cost, since I couldn't find a price tag. It turns out they were a steal... so I bought them and came home quite elated.
So in the mean time I have worked on repairing them.

This is the first one I have finished. It only had one real issue with it and was that the binding was totally ruined. My mom helped me to pick out some reproduction fabric from that around that time, and I worked on it in between riding in the car and watching movies.

The finished product really makes me happy.

I love the colors and the fact that it was entirely hand stitched.

This is the material that we chose . It has these little bunnies on it flying planes.

I really love all the fabric from the 20's, 30's and 40's.

The bright yellow shapes are what really drew me to this one. It reminded me of these cookies I made for a cultural project in my Spanish class called Alfajores. Probably since it looks like a cookie shape cutter to me, or a flower. Either way I love it.
(Photo from here)

I really have an urge to make these cookies all of a sudden.
Happy Friday!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

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Monica said...

oh wow, that is amazing!

I'm not surprised you're happy... it's beautiful, you lucky girl.


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