Wednesday, October 13, 2010

works in progress

This is a little sampling of my projects in progress. There are many more, although I don't care to admit it, but I am finishing up more and more, so there is hope! :)

This doll was started a long time ago and finished but she never felt 'right' to me. I decided to go back and change her up a bit. I repainted her face, crocheted her a hat, and am finishing up hand sewing her dress. I also have to make her some shoes, but for the most part she is almost done.

I really like how happy she looks now :)
The next project are socks!!!

This is the shawl I am making for my mom.
I actually have more done now but you get the idea.

I really love this yarn from Sweet Georgia, so soft and the colors are so vibrant!

I bought the yarn below while living in Germany after first learning to knit and loved it.
I haven't ever used it because partly of its sentimental value. Recently however I was missing living there and decided to give it a go.
I am just making a really easy cowl....
It is so fuzzy.
Really. You have no idea how soft and fuzzy it is.

I am making some bright yellow coasters. They make me happy!
I have one side done and the second started.

And finally a crocheted butterfly!
Might make this one into a pin.
Just winged making it.
Get it?
Heee heee :)

So many projects, but almost done with many.
Here's to a great Wednesday!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

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Kaitlyn said...

woooooo go bean! finishing projects! yeah.


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