Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spin A Yarn

My very first homespun yarn...
A proud moment for me seeing what I made and learned.
It is a little bulky and strange but mine nonetheless.
The class I took taught me quite a bit, but I still want to learn more.
I finally got the nerve to unwind it and put it in a ball.
In doing so I realized it looked somewhat like funnel cakes, as seen below.

I made this tiny bit in about an hour, but still need more practice and a spindle.
Someday soon maybe.
Someday soon...
Sorry for my absence from blogging but I've been sick and bogged down with homework/school art projects. I am really behind on emails so if you have been waiting for one from me I will get on that right away!
Hope life has been treating you good during my absence.
Happy Sunday!

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