Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Gift Swap Recieved!

Oh my goodness! I just got my gift from Gabby of Gabby She Wrote (because of the Holiday Gift swap that Carly set up). I was so happy to see my gift which was wrapped up so carefully and it was all just so thoughtful! I absolutely love the yarn, it is so soft to the touch and I am already scheming up what to make with it :). The gingerbread man in the disguise as a shortbread cookie lasted up until the point where I finished taking photos and then he mysteriously disappeared (into my stomache *tasty*)!! The cards are wonderful too, so great for thank you notes :). Many thanks Gabby!
Also Michaela received her little gingerbread man and made a wonderful post about it so be sure to visit it here. I am so happy she liked it :D
Can you believe Christmas is almost here? I sure can't,not with all the gifts I am still trying to finish. I might have procrastinated jus a little this year and would show you progress of them but several people who read my blog are getting my gifts...so it will have to wait until after Christmas.


carly said...

love it!
don't forget to link your post!

Micaela said...

no Callie, I LOOOOOOOOOOVED my ornament! :) me and mr. gingerbread man are still very much in love.

awww isn't gabby the best!?!?! how fun and lovely to recieve such a thoughtful gift! she picked out the perfect gifts for you.




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