Sunday, December 6, 2009

Etsy Update and Many Thanks!!

I finally finished some more of my ornaments!! I just uploaded them to the shop. I have been so busy this past week and have finals next week so I have dreaming about everything I will finally be able to do once school is done.

Also I would like to thank looksSEWnice on etsy for featuring my candy canes in one of her treasuries! It made me so proud :D... Do visit her shop that has hand sewn creative pillowcases and place mats perfect for any home! I would also like to thank my wonderful lovely sister Jessica of Jessica Leigh La Lou for (unknown to me) nominating me for the Dorset Cereals Little Blog awards!!! If you want to vote for my blog to win click here or click on the badge on the side of my blog. Thank you!! Hope everyone's day is going great

XOXO, Callie the magical bean


Rhianne said...

voted :)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Happy, darling ornaments!

misako mimoko said...

VOTED!! :)
i love those gingerbread men!!
it could be really fun having you at the workshop!! ;P
have a nice week Callie!!

little t jane said...

so cute! adore your cheerful mushrooms, too!!! :D


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