Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gem Award and Things I Love

Well, it has been a while since Rhianne from For the Easily Distracted gave me this award but now that I have finished with finals today, I finally have time to do a decent post about it :). First off I would like to thank Rhianne once again for giving me this award as well as for writing such sweet words about my gingerbread men. She was so sweet and lovely just like her blog is. I chose to write about things I loved for this award. So here goes...
I love...
...good pastries. I loved the bakery where we lived in Germany.
...the rain. It is so relaxing to me :D
...flowers and butterflies, both are small beauties that always leave me amazed.
...bright socks! I wear some everyday because they make me smile :)
...forests, especially during the changing of colors in fall.
...dreaming. Dreams fill me up.
...walking in the fields.
...good advice.
...and squirrels.
And as for the nominations, I would like to nominate my wonderful sister Jessica of Jessica Leigh La Lou, Carly of A Girl and Her Blog, Stephanie of Belen , Tracy of Little T Jane, and Catherine of Jumbleberry Orchard!!
*Links for pictures used are underneath images.
PS: If you've been nominated for the award then make a post about things you love or just a random post! :) There are no specific guidelines...


jessicaleighlalou said...

Oh I love this post!! I love and miss the bakery in Germany too.. :)

Micaela said...

j'adore these images!!!! esp. that last one... oh my goodness i SWOONED. just the cutest thing ever. xo

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Mmm German bakeries!

Thanks for the nomination :-)

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Silly question, but...! What should I do now I've been nominated? I feel like a doofus, hehe ;-)

Rhianne said...

I love this post - I love walking in fields and bright socks too :) x

Dallas Brooks said...

IM only happy when it rains too! I llllooovvvveeeee your blog. Your really hits the spot. It gives me a buzz. Finally


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