Monday, October 12, 2009

Shades of Autumn

Autumn has arrived here in Texas yet the leaves remain suspiciously green and will never turn red, orange, or yellow. Instead they will slowly wilt away into brown crisps and fall of in rapid successions. I am missing fall. I keep looking outside thinking that the leaves will be changing colors any day...but they won't. I loved this time of year in Germany loved the bright colors and the brisk days. But at least it isn't 90 degrees anymore...:)

1. Drop,Leaf,Waterstone, 2. Red leaves/ 香山红叶, 3. golden days, 4. red drops, 5. The Magic of Autumn, 6. Pumpkin Smiley, 7. Let It Flow, 8. Bleu, 9. Falco pellegrino - Falco peregrinus,, 10. Gold River, 11. autumn dreams, 12. Autumn Beech, 13. Japanese Maple in the Fall, 14. Fall in Love, 15. Two Ghosts, 16. Morning has broken, 17. Lionheart..., 18. Theme 52 - Autumn, 19. autumn, 20. The Voices of the Clouds - Las Voces de las Nubes, 21. Autumn walk, 22. Precious pear, 23. Painting with my camera, 24. Untitled, 25. ., 26. Softly Whispering I love you...:O)), 27. Rouge.......and more!, 28. “Wisdom begins in wonder.” , 29. fall, 30. thailand's best, 31. victorian acorn cake, 32. "If you want to be happy, be.", 33. yellow autumn, 34. As Morning Dawns, and Evening Fades, 35. Happy Autumn Bokeh, 36. “Wisdom begins in wonder.”

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful collage of fall items! Thank you for sharing this!


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