Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vinnie Puh

This is another of my favorite Russian cartoons, the lovable Vinnie Puh (or their version of our Winnie the Pooh). Even though I have no idea what is being said it is a pleasure to watch. I love the art so much! Feel free to watch and enjoy!


jessicaleighlalou said...

Vinni Puh, Vinni Puh, Vinni Puh.. haha. I could say that all day! Amazing cartoon, I love the artwork. :) Lovely post dahling.

E said...

That's awesome! My favorite cartoon is Danger Mouse!

Little Miss Tiara said...

Oh my! I never know that there's a russian version of winnie the pooh! And this one looks so cute! I mean, yes, the art is cute! :D


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