Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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After reading Rhianne's and my sister's post on wishing I wanted to do one too!
So here it is:
I wish for a new friend. I wish to travel the world. I wish to become fluent in another language. I wish all the happiness in the world to my family. I wish for success in my shop. I wish for inspiration. I wish for joy. I wish that I could learn to see more of life's blessings. I wish to follow my dreams no matter what. I wish for courage to overcome my fears. I wish for the safety of my family and pets. I wish for artistic guidance. I wish for a studio of my own full of bright color. I wish to laugh more and cry less. I wish to follow my bliss.


little t jane said...

so sweetly expressed- wishing now for your wishes to come to you soon!!! cheers :D

Anonymous said...

That was lovely Callie! Here's wishing good things for you and your dreams to come true!


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