Monday, May 30, 2011

Works in Progress

Sometimes when I think I have too many projects it helps if I take a step back and look at how far I have come in them.

Like my Noro Kirameki scarf,(first blogged about here),which I am about halfway done with now!

I decided to start putting them together as I went rather than wait until the end in a patchwork kind of way. I love how it is turning out :)

I am trying to get a head start on birthday gifts this year, especially given that almost all of mine last year were given out late. No more procrastination for me! So first up is a gift for my mom. I am making her a Vancouver Wrap, using Abstract Fiber Alto yarn.

I love linen stitch! It is pretty mindless and looks beautiful worked up. I learned how to do the tubular cast on because of this and I have to admit that it was super tedious, but looks so great!

The colors I chose were Snapdragon, Sangria, and Burnside Bridge.

Finally I am making myself a Catkin. I am using Tosh Merino Light in the colors Gilded and Lepidoptera. I really tried to not start it but I couldn't resist. I was counting down the days until this pattern was released; I was that excited.
I finished the first section and am onto the second.

Yay for happy projects!

Have a great Memorial Day!


the magical bean


pip gray said...

that catkin is gorgeous- no wonder you couldn't resist! it is kind of like a mini cape x

Anonymous said...

Wow - such lovely colours! I always think I don't like Noro, then I see something like your scarf and realize how amazing it is. Can't wait to see it finished!

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

You have amazing taste in color! I adore that patchwork.

Lorraine xx


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