Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Snow Drops and Snap Peas Shawl

There are some projects that seem to be all consuming. This was one of them. It was a constant in my hands and thoughts. It was the one thing I looked forward to at my lunch break (besides a much loved phone call).

This project was one of those easy yet ultimately oh so satisfying.

One of my favorite parts about making a shawl is that moment when after you've done all the work, and binding off to see how much it has grown. I always look forward to it, and the moment after I have finished blocking and it looks even bigger, and so much prettier.
And boy did this grow!
When I was showing it to my dad he asked me "Is that a table cloth?".
It is 75" by 35" and has such amazing drape.

I just loved this yarn. The colors, how soft it was, and the drape factor were all there.
It is made in Silky Merino, in the Arco Iris colorway, by Malabrigo. I used the pattern, Snow Drops and Snap Peas by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops. The only modification I did was to the ending, with the help of raveler annanann.

Luckily, Kaitlyn, my sister agreed to model it for me. Thanks Kaitlyn!
Doesn't she look so pretty in it? :) I know I said it before after finishing my first shawl, but it is still true with this one. I can recall so many memories of when I was making this. The cinnamon chocolate cake I ate, the new ADELE CD, 21, I was listening to as I bound off, the pride I felt for my brother at his NJ HS ceremony, the relief of coming back to it after a long day at school/work.

It is almost as if the memories are being knitted in; they seem that tangible to me.

Well, while it was fun to do, I am glad to be done. This week is finals so I have been doing so much studying. I am really looking forward to this summer. I want to travel so badly. Not sure where yet. Do you have any plans?

Have a great day!


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