Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Projects

After finishing a project one of my favorite things to do is to look for little ways to use the supplies left- the scraps!

That is what happened when I had finished making this hat for my sister and had a little bit of left-over yellowish yarn. Around that same time my mom asked me to make her a bee mobile for her mother's day gift, after seeing this photo while I was looking at my favorites on flickr.

So while noticeably different from the inspiration, I quite like how it came out. The wings are made from leftovers of this shawl, the black leftover from an amigurumi I made.
After making the bees, I strung them up with fishing wire from a twig.
Easy-peasy :)

It was so quick and fun!

These bees are quite chunky, but I think endearingly so, don't you?

Hee hee :)

Then after finishing another project, my Snow Drops and Snap Peas shawl, I had a little ball of yarn left.

Oh what to do?

Well, I made a bookmark. It is from the book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson,called Linen-Stitch bookmark. This is the second pattern I have made from this book and this book does not disappoint. It is so easy to follow, and it really was quick. In fact I have already made four more and given them as gifts.

Yay for quick projects!

They make life great don't you think? Who doesn't need a little instant gratification now and again, I know I do sometimes.

Anyways, my summer is going to be a little busy, I am going to be working not one but two jobs. So don't be surprised if you see a lot more quick and easy projects popping up around here.

Hope your day was great, I spent mine drawing while listening to Lisa Hannigan, Fleet Foxes, Mamma Mia, and Laura Marling. It was heaven!

What did you do?

XOXO, Callie

the magical bean

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