Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Audrey Triple Wrap Shawl

I made the Audrey Triple Wrap Shawl, with Madelinetosh Lace yarn in the gilded colorway. This is the shawl that I have been meaning to show you since this past April since I just finished. I didn't manage to take any decent photos of it in the development stage but here it is finished!!! I finished it on June 16th,the following Tuesday I blocked it and today my mother was kind enough to take these photos of me. I just realized how many times I have said finished quite a few times but really I feel so happy. I feel so proud of doing it! It was my first time doing lace, reading a knitting chart, using a crochet cast-on, and also blocking something.
I thought at times it would never be done, but also at times I didn't want it to end. This shawl has gone with me everwhere in these past three months that led to it's completion. I worked on it literally everywhere. I have this strange feeling that as I look at it memories flow back to me of little moments caught here and there where I worked on it, from the moment I cast on in the class at the wonderful Tinsmith's Wife, to when I worked on it along the Guadalupe River while camping, to the times I worked on it sitting at the pool, or the times sitting in the car waiting for Jessica to get out of work, or while driving to the next adventure, or in the doctor's office.
I know it sounds funny but I even think of certain music when thinking about it, since I often listened to my ipod whilst working on it. Ingrid Michaelson, all the possible Camera Obscura songs, Band of Horses, Joni Mitchell, and so many more. For me this is one of the reasons I love knitting and crocheting so much. It would seem as if these little bits of time are trapped inside each little stitch. It is hard to explain to people that don't do either, and actually I don't think I would've really understood until I had done it.
This is by far my largest knitting project as of yet, but gives me hope for more to come and already I have started another shawl! As for the class I took, it was so wonderful. The shop The Tinsmith's Wife is one of my favorite yarn shops. I have to admit that I love coming here, it is a little treat everytime I make it out there. The yarn selection is amazing not to mention the staff. They are always so friendly and down-to- earth. The helped me so much, and are always so kind. I learned so much and loved the one-on-one atmosphere. I will definitely be back for more classes, or to just browse for much needed additions to my stash...heee heee :)
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(P.S.S. This is the song that describes how I felt when I finished!! So funny! Kaitlyn showed it to me :) )


Kaitlyn said...

P.S. You're pretty f-ing HOT there girly :D.

Kaitlyn said...

ahhhhh! go you!!! i'm so proud of you for finishing another project. BEANIE IS AMAZING. XD

And yay for music! That I showed you, hehe.

Oh and Copycat! Beaker was mine ;). Love you <3

Anonymous said...

Why who is that beautiful girl in the lovely shawl!?? Proud of you sweet darling! Mom

carly said...

*jaw drops*
holy sh** this shawl is AMAZING.

ps. you are gorg!

Nicola said...

Aw, wow, well done for making a shawl like that: it looks amazing. :)

Rainy Daisy said...

This shawl is so utterly beautiful. I think it's so true what you said about remember exactly what music or movies you were watching while you knit it. Have you read A Tale of Two Cities? (Or listened to it on Craftlit?) Madame DeFarge spies and knits everything into her...whatever it is. She remembers all the people who are involved with the bourgeoisie. That's what it made me think of, anyway.



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