Monday, May 17, 2010

Austin Here We Come

A while ago we (Jessica, Kaitlyn, my Mom, and I) went to Austin for a Yarn Sale at Hill Country Weavers. While driving we saw these signs that had been yarn bombed! :) I was pretty excited! In fact I made sure we turned around so I could take pictures of it.

I love how bright and homey the yarn looks against the gray concrete. Of course I love the granny squares!
See the chevron in the orange/yellow/black!
Ah, Austin you make me happy.
We also stopped by this bookstore we like to frequent called Book People.
Luckily at the Yarn Sale it wasn't raining like it was last year. I got so many good deals on great yarn. More pictures on the yarn I got to follow...I can't wait to show you.
Thanks so much for taking me mom!

Kaitlyn has once again got me addicted to another song. This one is from Imogen Heap, called First Train Home. Know any good songs you could recommend?
More to come soon!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

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Kate said...

This was so much fun! We need to have more days like that ;). And you need to make me my scarf :P. Love you Bean!


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