Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doily Rug

While perusing etsy a bit ago, I stumbled across this gorgeous rug. I immediately began thinking about doily's and how they could actually function as a rug if made with large enough weight of yarn, and hook. So I could hardly contain my excitement, or hands from starting! :)
I decided to use a free pattern I have made again and again that has the shape of hearts in it, since I didn't want mine to be too holey.

This is it (below) in regular doily size.
By now my rug has progressed to the point that I ran out of yarn. Drat! Also I am thinking I want it to be bigger so I need to get some more yarn, and am working on editing the pattern to make it larger...

I guess I will just be crocheting the day away. Wishful thinking really, I have too much homework.

I have been really sick this past week, with the flu.
No fun there.

I took quite a bit of naps like Sheila here, and even slept through all Wednesday.
I am just now feeling much better. So on to creating!
Hope you have a great Sunday!

1 comment:

Dear Maria said...

Beautiful color choice! Can't wait until it's finished! You always make amazing things!


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