Thursday, September 2, 2010

Owl Purse

Well, as school was egging closer and closer I realized I needed a new purse.
Almost every year, since middle school I have made a purse in honor so -to -say of the new school year. This year I had this idea bubbling around in my head about a purse shaped like an owl. I wanted mine to be very specific, with many pockets, which is something I need to keep organized.

I used a purse my sister had as a jumping off point, and sewed away!
I didn't use a pattern or anything, just kind free-styled it :)
I hand stitched everything on the face.

I added pockets for my phone, for pens/pencils, one on the front for my sketchbook, a key holder, for my mirror, and one for chap stick.
So many pockets, so little time :)
To make it all better, a while ago I found a black wallet with two little owls perched on a branch. It suits my bag and me perfectly.
I love it when a project comes out so wonderfully!

Recently, my mom rescued three abandoned kittens. They are the sweetest things ever! Can you blame me for falling head over heals for the them?
Stop by my mom's blog Maria's Secret Garden for the full story or my sister Jessica's blog as well...guess it seems that everyone is writing about them :)

I made some Sunny Day Cookies today, the easiest cookies ever to make, they are sweet and soooo good!!!

Well, I'm off!
I've got to go attend a meeting, get some painting done, and work on some one's shawl...

Have a happy Thursday!



mariassecretgarden said...

Well, the purse is fab, no pattern eh? Shocking!!! I wonder who the shawl is for??? Sunshine cookies yummy! I need to go in there and sneak a few>>>>

pip gray said...

that purse is adorable! I love the colour x

Shibby said...

That'a a cool purse I love having unique things :)


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