Friday, September 3, 2010

Crafty Goodness Swap Received!!!!

Yesterday, the bestest thing was waiting for me on my doorstep after getting home from school. My swap gift from Shannon of Quilting in Pink, Bulldogs at My Side!!
All in all I love it! There was so much thought put into every part of the gift. It came in a fabric decoupaged box, as you can see in the above photo, and a sweet handwritten note. Inside the box were so many goodies, including this owl ribbon, an owl bookmark, four vintage post cards, some Lion Brand Yarn(already have a project in mind to make something with it), and a little tote.
This bookmark is perfect for all the books I read, and the ribbon is sparkly!
Oh my goodness!!!
Then on top of that there were these little postcards all from Florida, somewhere I'd like to travel some day.
Each one is so full of nostalgia, from a family of Glen, Otto, and Millie, detailing their trip to the everglades.
And then to top it all off there was this little tote, hand sewn by Shannon herself, which she suggested I use to carry my lunch, but I already have a new crochet project inside it, the flat bottom of it is perfect for storing. I love the material she used, the oranges, the yellows, the greens, the reds, all my favorites colors.
Thank you so much Shannon for all the beautiful gifts you gave me.
Everything is just so lovely!
Be sure to stop by Shannon's blog, Quilting in Pinks, Bulldogs At My Side.
Thanks again Shannon!


mariassecretgarden said...

groovy! Love your gifts! Lucky you!

pip gray said...

those are lovely, awesome how the bookmark is a slice of wood. did she make the ribbon herself?! I recieved your gift today!!! x


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