Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Idea Notebook and A Happy Occurence

When we moved to from Germany this last time, I had quite a bit of free time to fill up with making things.
I did so quite proficiently, my drawings lined the walls. I painted until odd hours in the night. I learned to knit. I created non-stop, all the while enjoying Europe again. One thing I made was a small cardboard book that I filled with drawings.
When we came back to Texas, I made another. This one was slightly larger, and more colorful. This is the second book I made...
I didn't account for the heat here and so when I put on the varnish, little did I know that it would attached itself to anything with fibers, like paper, that it came in contact with. That's why there are the random bits of whitish stuff on the front and back above.

This is the inside cover, I added these little toasts that were apart of a tic-tac-toe game at Jim's, where I added the faces. On the other page were the plans I had to make the deer head that is now hanging in my room, which I blogged about here if you remember.
Behold: a random one armed bear pirate that I doodled in one of my classes and then attached in here.

Foxes, all decked out in proper apparel.

Some more little random doodles that I have been adding more and more to over time.

More doodles on the left page.
I drew a gesture drawing of Werner, on the right page above, while he was sleeping.

Two books, one at the beginning of a journey one at the end.
Maybe I'll show you the first one someday.
On another note, I really want to share something pretty nifty that happened about a week ago. I was at a local thrift store with my mom, and checking out when someone said, "Excuse me miss, but where did you get that bag?"
I was somewhat taken aback, turned around to the next register, where the worker there was pointing to my owl purse, and I simply said, "I made it."
She said, "Oh! It's so cool!", and immediately went back to checking out her customer.
I was elated to have had such a nice compliment, checked out and went out to the car with my mom, thinking that was all. However when as we where putting things in the car, another worker rushed out and said, "Umm..miss, excuse me but my friend, she umm..wanted me to ask you how much would you charge to make her a purse like that??"
I again was taken aback, this has never happened to me before... I then went inside with her coworker, gave her my card and told her my asking price, which shocked her a bit. I tried to explain how alot of it was hand stitched and all handmade, but I could see I had lost her.
I have to tell you that I was honored that she wanted this purse that bad, and even if I lost her interest, I am honored by her compliment. All in all it was a good experience, one that made me feel proud of my handywork, and helped me build my business skills.
So I left that thrift store feeling elated, mostly because of her compliment and also because of my finds.
It was a happy day!
XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

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mariassecretgarden said...

I love your little book of ideas - your creativity knows no bounds! I especially like that someone liked your work and wanted you to make her one. You will sell things and people will there worth have faith.


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