Thursday, July 1, 2010

Green with Reminders

One joy scatters a hundred griefs.
- Chinese Proverb

Just a short post for today.

Love this quote so much and the greenness of my flickr favorites for the week. :)

Spent a good part of the day babysitting, and then went to the bookstore with my family whilst it rained the day away....

Just a little reminder of sorts so that you can remember to enter the giveaway!! Today is the last day!!

Also the badge for my swap was mysteriously not working, but should be fixed now, so if you want to get the new html it should all be in working order. Thanks!

Also, this song Tightrope by Janelle Monae really makes me want to dance! Not sure what this Indepence Day Weekend holds in store for me. What about you?

Hope your Thursday was terrific!

XOXO, Callie

the magical bean


Kaitlyn said...

I love that song!! :) great job there, Bean. <3

JenRem said...

That Proverb is amazing. I want to live my life by it :)


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