Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow Quant Headband #2

Another finished project!!!
Woo hoo!
I made another Quant headband this time out of a single ball of Instense Rainbow col. 101 Miny Mochi from Crystal Palace that I had loafing around my stash.
Why make another you ask?
Well, honestly it's because I loved the first so much and wore it so much that I wanted another. Plus in my mind the rainbow would look beautiful in entrelac and I had only one the end it all added up to making another. Also it was getting hard to try and match things with it, but that's another story.
Which is good because it looks just like I imagined it would :)
This one was much quicker in the making, it took me about three days on and off working on it.
And luckily I happened to know a beautiful model named Jessica of Jessica Leigh La Lou to showcase this for me. Thanks sista!

I love the rainbowy goodness!

I've been vacationing with my family this whole past week and finally got access to a computer today. So sorry I've been a little gone...but in any case I have so much of the trip to share.

I actually took these pictures after we'd been in the car all day and walking around the state capitol (more to come). We faced the heat of the day not to mention the 15 mosquito bites I got whilst photographing away.
What I do in the name of blogging! :)
hee hee
Totally worth it though.
I've been loving listening to The Cranberries (circa 1993) lately as well as Mumford and Sons.
Loving them!
Life feels really good.
XOXO, Callie


Kaitlyn said...

Callie Bean,

I am in love with that headband. Oh, and the model too of course. Glad we got to talk yesterday for a while. Love you (and the model too, hee hee).


carly said...

i love the headband.
jealous of your knitting/crocheting skills.

you guys are all gorgeous!

themagicalbean said...

Thanks so much you guys!

*Blushing* Carly you sure know how to give compliments :)


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