Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snail Mail Love+ New Creations+ Randomness

I love snail mail.
It never fails to amaze me, especially when it contains a gift for me!! This little magnet came in the mail a few days ago. Its creator was the very talented Carly of A Girl and Her Blog. She had told me that she was sending me something in the mail, and I have been anticipating it for some time...and boy did she deliver!
I love it! She made it herself, gifts from the heart are the best of all.
It is already hanging on my magnet board in my room, and fits perfectly. Thank you Carly!!
I mentioned a while ago that I have been making things and here are some of them...
Toast pins! Whole grain and white bread, because everyone needs a little toast in their life :)
All hand stiched with love.
Another scarf! Yes, I know...how many scarves does a girl really need you ask? Well, I say one can never have too many. In reality I made this one because I really loved the one I made for my mom for Christmas and kept borrowing it so much so that she didn't really like the fact that it kept mysteriously dissappearing on my neck. So...when I saw this ball of Noro Taiyo in the Tinsmith's Wife in Comfort, I just knew what to make with it.
It practically flew of my knitting needles! I bought it on Friday and was finished with it by Sunday. This is saying something for me because knitting for me has been rather slow going. I made it with the same pattern, Easy Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern, available here for free.
On of my favorite parts of the scarf is the rather random streak of orange and yellow, only in one place in the entire ball.
Also, you may have noticed my new blog badge!!
Ta -Da!!!
What do you think?

Happy Tuesday,happy belated Valentine's day, and happy belated President's day...

XOXO, Callie


Anonymous said...

How much are the toast pins???? They are so cute!! Are you starting the post toastie club??

HereBeDragons said...

Hee hee hee. Toast!

my baloney said...

:) Made my day. I love you Bean.

Belen said...

That scarf is SO cute. :) It's getting warmer here and I'm not ready for it. :( I want to keep wearing scarves!

Rhianne said...

So much to comment on :) Carly is amazing, what a great gift, you can never have too many scarves, I looove the toast and your new button is just perfect, I love it!

Carly said...

Eeek! So glad it finally made it to you!


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