Friday, January 15, 2010

Trip to New Braunfels

My sister Kaitlyn and I took a little trip last week to New Braunfels, Texas. We hadn't been there since we were little and thought it would be fun and it was!
Although the town wasn't at all like I remember we had a fun time taking random pictures and going into the antique shops. The above photo is one thing that we both loved because they used to be in all the old McDonald's when we were younger.
There were many murals all over the town, many German inspired...

The lion below was supposedly a water fountain?!? We couldn't believe it, so we had to take a picture to show you.
Can you believe this was some one's house?

This lady's expression kind of scared me ;)

All in all it was a wonderful trip to remember!

XOXO, Callie the magical bean

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little t jane said...

woah. how neat!!! and in totally great shape. i havn't seen that hamburger in years! thank you- so awesome!!! i also totally remember loving that hamburgler climb up and around the best in the mcdonald's playgrounds when i was little (at lunch time during trips to see family- the only time my parents stopped for fast food)! ha ha :D

looks like you guys had a lovely time. yay!


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