Friday, October 18, 2013

Slugs Ahoy

So due to my ardent love for my first cheezombie Santa Slug, I knew there would be more.
This one was inspired by the Cartoon network show, Chowder and the remarkable snail cars they drive in it. Also, after seeing Daron Parton’s snail with mobile camper attached to it:I KNEW WHAT HAD TO BE DONE!!
So of course, I set off to make a little slug with a vintage camper on its back. As I one day hope to have, in order to travel around the states- ‘glamping’ looks quite fun.
I originally was crocheting a camper, but it just didn’t look like I wanted. Not quite bubbly and weird enough. I made the eye stocks taller again. And used felt to make the black for the eyes, and all the sewing on the trailer.
All in all great project! Super fun.  Of course, Sheila had to come by and check that everything was ok. :)

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