Wednesday, November 4, 2009

knit one purl one

Last night nestled next to other like minded women learning to knit; I felt a sort of kinship and strange happiness trying. I had learned about five years ago how to knit from my mom, who sadly only knows how to do the knit stitch. I never got to learn to purl or do anything else besides cast on knit and cast off.
This resulted in the making of so many scarfs that I wonder how I did it all. I made them like crazy and knit with yarns that probably weren't too beginner friendly but bought simply because they were soft and lovely to behold.
I finally decided to take a class and learn the rest of the basics and so I did!!! It was fun, and I remembered most of it. I even learned how to continental knit as opposed to the english I had been doing before. It was refreshing and relaxing and I dreamed of knitted garments all night. :)
Soon I will get to the place where knitting is as comfortable as crocheting is!!!
These are some of the projects that I found last night as I went searching for more patterns and drooled over and over agian at virtually everything on knitty.

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Elaine said...

I LOVE the first pair of mittens and the design of the last scarf! That would look so cute as a scarf with a button. If you know what I mean... I can't explain things well... Anyway, I just started learning knitting and I'm horrible at it! I need more practice...


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