Friday, August 21, 2009

Little T Jane Pay It Forward

I just received my gift from Tracy of little t jane from participating in her Pay it Forward!! I love it so much!! :) She gave me a hand decorated recipe box(how could she know I had been on the lookout for one already?) and a pack of recipe cards to boot. Also I got some brads, an assortment of stickers and a hand carved stamp!!! Can you believe it? I am so excited! I already had to try out the stamp which says "the magical bean" on it and it is too perfect for words... I am so pleased and grateful. Thank you so much Tracy!
This reminds me that I still have one spot open for my Pay It Forward 2009... If anyone(bloggers only) is interested please just leave a comment. All you (bloggers only please) have to do in return is post a Pay it Forward on your blog and make three things for the first three people who respond to your note. Simple, right?


little t jane said...

thanks so much again, callie- such a sweet post! yay! it's always super cool to see photographs on the other side. too. i'm thrilled that you loved what i made you- it was so much fun! i'm glad you wanted to do my PIF 2009. thanks heaps! :D all good wishes!

sylvita said...

I just received your package in the mail today and it was too perfect! I loved! Thank you so much!


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