Thursday, September 17, 2009

Misako Mimoko on Etsy

Misako Mimoko makes the sweetest dolls! I love her little detailed stitches on the face and how she uses so many different fabrics together. Each of her dolls shows such personality and character. All in all they are playful and oh so wonderful! She just recently updated her shop with little friendly ghosts which are so lovely.
Feel free to visit her etsy store, or blog.
Also an article was written about her in the storque, etsy's blog, if you would like to read it click here.


Red Boots said...

How cute is the doll with the clock face?! x

misako mimoko said...

hey Callie!
i love it!! thank you-thank you-thank you :D
you've made my day :) you're so nice!

have a great and sweet weekend!!!
eva xx

JessicaLeighLaLou said...

Oh my! I definately agree with you! She has absolutely lovely things. :) Great post!

sylvita said...

How cute! I love the vintage style... reminds me of something from the 30s or 40s.


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